Frequently Asked Questions
stamped stained concrete textured stained concrete
  • Is it slippery    : No....Depending on the finish of sealer chosen, some areas may look to be shiny, but due to the actual texture, it is still rougher than regular finished concrete, Furthermore, an even higher cohesion factor can be obtained by adding silica sand to the sealer.
  • Will it crack   : All concrete is subject to crack, however the installation of properly positioned relief cuts allows us to determine where the cracks will be, should they occur. 
  • What type of maintenance    : A quality sealer should be reapplied every 2-5 years depending on exposure to the elements, amount of traffic, and overall cosmetic desirability.  Since the sealers are clear, they simply pour on and are than spread out with a roller. (remember those old “mop-n-glow” commercials,…same thing)
  • Do I need sealer   :  No, however it defiantly richens up the colors and provides protection for your patio against pitting that can result over time from water penetrating the surface pores of the concrete, not to mention grease stains from your barbeque, melted crayons from the little ones, and other stains resulting from your gatherings.  It also protects from leaf and pitch stains if you have trees nearby
  • What about my sprinkler system  : If sprinkler lines and heads are in the area of the new patio, than they should be cut where they come up to the new patio, than new line is than re-routed around the perimeter and reconnected on the other side. We than reinstall heads where they are needed (usually the old ones)
  • Can it be put over existing concrete     : Yes and No….If your existing concrete is in good shape with no cracks, than a concrete bonder can be applied and a minimum 2” thick “Cap” of concrete can be poured over top and continued out past it at 4” thick.  If the existing slab has existing cracks, heaved relief or expansion joints, or sub-grade problems, those will reflect  through to the new concrete.  Relief cuts will need to be installed over the perimeter edges of the capped slab.
  • How long does a job usually take  :  Depending on the size and time of year, the minimum it usually takes from start to completion is approximately 5-6 days in the summer months and 8-10 days in the winter months.  Sometimes more, rarely less.  This is due to the fact that the concrete will need some time to cure to a point that we can powerwash it without damaging the surface.  If your project requires multiple concrete pour days, or the weather conditions are poor, naturally this will add to that time.  
  • Does the color fade over time  :  Yes, somewhat, but the fade is ever so slight that you would probably never notice it.  For example, think of a red brick house.  The bricks are colored all the way through just like your concrete.  It will always hold the color.
  • Will this add value to my home   :  Absolutely!  Exterior living is a huge trend and should you decide to sell later than you know that in today’s market, buyers are looking for amenities that set your home above and beyond others that they may be considering.  A “backyard addition” can defiantly make or break a sale.  Your car will depreciate, your patio won’t and will provide years of pleasurable use.
  • Do I need a building permit   :  Not for patios and additions low to the ground.  Furthermore, they are not required to be within your setback requirements.  You can pour right up to your property lines
  • Is there a difference in price between textures and colors   :  For the most part, No. there are a few exceptions however.  The beige, reds and grey tones are priced the same respectively, however, if you require a very dark colored patio that requires more dye, than the cost can rise accordingly.  Also, the pigments that make up Blue and Green colors are substantially more expensive than the other color tones.  All textures are priced the same with the exception of the English Cobble that stamps quite deep and thus requires the additional step of actually mortaring between the cobbles.  It does look cool and runs an additional $1.00 per sq ft.
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