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What is textured, Stamped Concrete?

Stamped concrete is a procedure that has been around for decades, but has only gained popularity in this area in the past several years. The concrete is colored either on sight by adding integral color directly to the mixing truck or by arriving pre-colored depending on the concrete supplier. After placement, concrete is prepared for stamping the same way regular flatwork concrete is prepared. When the concrete has slightly cured to the proper consistency, a release powder is broadcast over the entire area. In some instances, primarily interior, a tinted liquid release agent is substituted. This creates a barrier that keeps the dry mats from sticking to the wet concrete, thus allowing the impressions to be made without damaging the slab surface. Furthermore, it provides an additional color for a natural contrast. Next the impressions are made across the area by various rubber texture mats that are laid on the top surface and stamped into the concrete before it is completely set up. If not pre-tooled in, saw cuts are made for the relief joints to control cracking that may occur. The area is than power washed. Finally 2 coats of a high-quality commercial grade sealer are applied in a number of finishes {high gloss, semi gloss, or matte}.

Typical Stamped Patio Construction

  • Prepare existing sub-grade. Sod cut and removal. Excavate to proper depth.
  • Reroute existing sprinkler lines, cap heads, install 3” PVC access sleeves if required
  • Install ¾” Roadmix or 21AA crushed concrete / sand at 2" min. : Compact
  • Form perimeter
  • Re-Bar where applicable
  • 4" thick, 4000psi 6-sac concrete with color mixed intragally.
  • Tool in during pour or diamond saw cut control joints
  • Add additional color hardener highlights to surface if desired
  • Apply antiquing release agent
  • Allow to cure for a time that depends on the current weather conditions
  • Strip forms
  • Powerwashing of patio and surrounding areas
  • Apply additional concrete acid staining colors if desired
  • Apply minimum 2 coats of Commercial Grade, non -yellowing sealer
  • Backfill, rake, remove debris and re-sod if necessary

The above mentioned specifications can be applied to any type of concrete construction (decorative, smooth trowel, broom, etc....) but may be modified due to unfavorable existing conditions. Should there be any unforeseen conditions arise during site preparation (bad/wet sub-soil, site drainage problems, etc...), recommendations will be made to ensure a structurally sound project.

We have many different patterns and textures available to make your project a beautiful, unique addition to your home or business!

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